Friday, October 8, 2010

Utah State Fair

Utah State Fair!!!

Austin was super excited to head to the fair with his cousins this year! After the 2 mile walk to get to the fair because parking was so bad we finally made it! First stop: the clown! The kids were way excited to see the clown and get a balloon and Mindy was super freaked out because she hates clowns! Not to mention the 20 kids that kept trying to butt us and the guy behind us that kept yelling at them all! It was all worth it to see how happy the kids were!

We took the kids and let them ride lots of rides! They had fun on the ferris wheel, carousel, slides, and much more! They all threw a fit after we went on the slide because that was the last ride for the night! Then we went on a hunt for the dollar hot dog stand because we were not about to pay 5.50 for a hot dog! The kids were starving and scarfed down dinner so fast!

We went to go see all the animals as our last adventure for the night! Taking Austin to see the animals was much more fun this year. Last year he was scared and would cry every time we went close to an animal. This year he couldn't wait to touch and pet them. He said the pigs and the goats were his favorite and he wanted to take a pig home.

Then it was time to get a snack and head home. We all shared some apple slices with caramel and started to head back to the car! After getting lost we finally made it and Austin crashed on the way home! Definitely a fun night to remember!

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