Monday, August 15, 2011

Thompson Square

Last week we went to the fair for date night. Even though the food there was ridiculous we had fun sitting there and talking before the concert started. We saw DJ Miller, Thompson Square, and Mark Wills. Crazy that I would actually get Jeff to go to a country concert!

Thompson Square sings a few of my favorite songs right now. Including one we are going to dance to at our wedding so I was so excited to actually get to see them.

Super cute husband/wife music couple that make me even more ready to start my journey with an amazing guy!


  1. Sounds fun! (Even though I haven;t heard of any of those bands. I'm kind of a loser when it comes to music.) Did you get a funnel cake? Those are my favorite fair food!

  2. I don't know much music either! And actually I haven't ever had a funnel cake! I better try one next time!

  3. Yes, you MUST try a funnel cake! Totally worth the price! :)