Thursday, December 16, 2010

Usually we always put a fake tree up for Christmas but this year Austin wanted to get a real tree so we went searching for the perfect tree. Austin fell asleep in the car and wasn't very happy when we pulled up to the first lot. I tried to get him to be happy around the reindeer but he wouldn't even go for that. We didn't find a tree at that lot so we tried a different one. It started raining on the way so I was hoping he would find one fast! Luckily, we only walked around for a few minutes and he saw the tree he wanted. He fell in love with the tree as soon as he saw it and was excited from that moment on.

Austins favorite part of putting the tree together was helping Grandpa cut branches off and he thought he was so strong when he helped put it in the tree stand. He loved putting the lights on the tree and thought it was fun to wrap everyone in them with him. He only put a few ornaments on before he got bored of that.

It is always so much fun to do things with this cute boy! And it makes it worth every moment to see this smile! I love how excited he is for Christmas. This is the first year that he is starting to understand all the fun things that come with Christmas and I love watching the excitement in his face!

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