Sunday, October 3, 2010

Our camping trip!

Well we decided we needed at least one camping trip this year so we headed up to Echo Lake with Min, Brian and the girls. The kids were super excited and we had a blast. Here we all are roasting marshmallows to make smores. We should have just gave the kids the marshmallows because they ended up pulling them all apart but we had fun doing it!

Mindy and Brian have this lake float that we spent all afternoon on. The kids woke up before 8 wanting to go play in the water. We had to convince them to eat breakfast and wait until the water warmed up a little. We tried to get all of the kids to go off the slide but McKaylee was the only one brave enough to do it. Austin got worried when anyone but Uncle B went off it. I finally got him to at least go swim in the lake though.

Here we all are enjoying the warm fire. It was such a pretty night and it was so fun sitting there and talking. I love being so close to my sister and her family. Our kids always have so much fun together and I loved watching them all play.
Austin was so disgusted when it was time to go to bed because there were bugs in the tent. He switched spots so he wasn't by the door and fell right asleep. Guess I need to take him camping more!

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