Friday, October 29, 2010

Carving pumpkins

After we went to the pumpkin patch we all went to carve our pumpkins. First, we all had to get warm from being out in the cold so we made hot chocolate and washed the pumpkins. All of the kids started to clean the pumpkins out and somehow Brian got stuck scraping them all clean. Austin wanted to carve his pumpkin into a spider and got bored with it after like two minutes. He went in with Isabella to watch cartoons so Jeffrey and I got stuck carving their pumpkins. Austin would come in every few minutes to make sure it was looking like a spider and to poke it a little bit. Angelina, Mckaylee, and Mckenzie helped carve and did a really good job. As soon as Mckaylee was done carving her pumpkin Mckenna came and ripped it apart. Mckaylee was such a good sport about it and Mindy ended up fixing it so you can't even tell. All the kids ended up having fun and the pumpkins look great!

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