Saturday, June 19, 2010


Well first I have to say that I am so grateful for the amazing son I have! He is my whole world. He is so smart, funny and sweet that I can't believe he acts like this at only 3. I figured I should post some of his new things.
He loves to ask who bought things. It doesn't matter if it is a new toy or something silly like string cheese. He goes through the whole list... mommy did you buy this? Did Grandma buy this? Did Grandpa buy this? Depending on the day he could go on forever.
He was laying out on the tramp the other night looking at birds and planes with Grandpa and Grandpa was showing him different birds. Well Austin shouts Grandpa there is a bird! He says where? Austin replies oh they are only birds I can see!!!
He loves the family dog. He now calls her his baby girl and is very protective of her. He loves to feed her, give her treats, and love her. He is the only kid that is allowed to touch her. She is grumpy to everyone else.
He is such an outdoors boy. He could spend all day out there. Now that it is warm he is always playing in the sandbox, swimming, jumping on the tramp and finding bugs! His new favorite adventure is going to 7-Eleven and getting slurpees and giant smarties.
He loves to sing and is learning new songs at church. His new favorite that we sing many times a day is patty cake.

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