Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Lightning party!!!

Austin at his Lightning Mcqueen party!!!

Happy Birthday Austin!!!

Well Saturday night after Build a Bear we had Austins party for the whole family. We had such a blast. It was so good to see everyone that came. Austin chose to have a Lightning Mcqueen party. The kids had fun breaking open the pinata and getting lots of candy.
We decided to play pin the tail on the donkey which didn't work out too great because none of the little kids wanted to keep the blindfold on. Austin wouldn't even wear the blindfold at all. Pretty funny that someone who was blindfolded won the game anyway. It was still super cute and a lot of fun to watch all the kids play.
And of course just like always Austin got super spoiled and got a ton of presents. He got a ton of bubble stuff to play with in the summer and a lot of Buzz and Lightning Mcqueen toys!

Turning three was a great year for Austin!

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