Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Well it was finally time! March 19th! We got to go on our first real vacation together! Me and Austin went with my mom, dad, Mckaylee and Tyler joined us down there. We took a plane to San Diego and I was worried how Austin would act on the plane but he was actually asleep before we even took off. Nice quiet flight for me! The first day we got there pretty late so we just grabbed something to eat and went to the pool. Austin wouldn't go swimming but he stood on the stairs and played with the water.

Saturday the 20th we all went to the San Diego Zoo. The place is so big that we took the bus tour first. We got to see a lot of stuff like that. It was so funny because Austin was in love with the Pandas. All day long that was all he wanted to see. He tried to talk me into buying a life size Panda in the gift shop.
The 21st we went to Sea World. My favorite adventure in San Diego! My favorite part was feeding all of the animals. Austin was so excited and I loved seeing him enjoy everything! He didn't want anything to do with feeding the manta rays but loved the dolphins, sea lions, and flamingos. He also loved seeing the dolphin splash my dad and Mckaylee when they ran out of fish!
The 22nd was my moms birthday and it was our drive from San Diego to Anaheim. We stopped at Mission Beach on the way and everyone had a blast! Austin loved playing in the sand the most. He wouldn't go very close to the water and when it started coming close he would run away. McKaylee got soaking wet! They both didn't like it too much when we had to spray them off! We finally got to the hotel and the kids were super excited to go to Disneyland. So we walked over to the park and got the kids some Mickey Mouse ears. While we were waiting outside of the store Minnie Mouse ran past us and waved to Austin. Pretty sure that is the moment he fell in love! The rest of the night Austin kept telling everyone Minnie Mouse run away. After that we tried to go see Goofy and even though McKaylee loved Goofy Austin wanted nothing to do with him. I have never heard him scream that loud before. Goofy acted scared of Austin and we decided to try to do something else. We went on the Peter Pan ride and after that Austin was ready for the hotel again. So we walked back and mom, dad and Kaylee stayed and played. They left some chocolates on our bed that ended up being Austins favorite treat!
The next day we went to the beach again and Austin wanted to bury everyone in the sand, including himself! We also went to California Adventure and Disneyland. Today was the big day that Austin met Lightning McQueen and Mater. We had to go back everyday after that and see them. For dinner we all went to Goofy's Kitchen. Austin was getting more used to the characters by now and was pretty excited to see most of them. Minnie the most of course.
The next few days we spent at both of the parks and we all had such a blast. Austin and Kaylee were so fun to watch the whole time. We got to meet so many characters and ride so many rides. Austin loved the Buzz Astro Blasters the most and won't stop talking about how he beat Zurg. The whole time we were in line he kept talking about how he was going to help Buzz and get Zurg. He also loved the Dumbo, Winnie the Pooh, and Bugs land rides. His favorite characters to meet were Buzz, Woody, Jessie, Lightning, Mater and Minnie Mouse. Everytime Austin saw Chip and Dale he would tell me ones name was Chip and the others was Chickendale. He was not very happy when we had to leave and threw a fit when we said goodbye to Lightning and Mater. I had such an amazing time with everyone and there is no way I could post all my memories here but I am glad that Austin had such a fun time. He is still talking about it!

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